About Me

I relocated to Palm Coast from Connecticut in 2004. I remember it well: It was August... just a few days before Hurricane Charley hit Punta Gorda, Florida and traveled across the state, exiting over Daytona Beach. It was my first Hurricane, and I was petrified. Within a few short weeks, Florida was under attack again from Hurricanes Francis and Jeanne. Palm Coast lost power for a few days, branches littered the streets, and a bunch of trees fell, but we did alright. My husband helped some neighbors cut up fallen trees, and the neighborhood kids helped remove the logs my husband had cut up for an elderly couple that lived nearby. It was great to see a community come together to help out one another. We even dragged an extension cord to our neighbors behind us. For some odd reason, our power was restored a full day before theirs. I fell in love with Palm Coast back then, and although it has grown alot in the 8 years I've lived here, I still love it. If you're interested in a home in or near Palm Coast, give me a call or drop me an email. I'd be happy to help you out, and show you around.


Natalie Ginnow