Palm Coast Sections

Matanzas Woods - L Section

The neighborhood north of Matanzas Woods Parkway, its major roads being Lakeview Boulevard and London Drive. It is home to the Grand Club Matanzas Golf Course, or Matanzas Woods Course, which was established in 1985 by Arnold Palmer. The golf course is currently closed.

Indian Trails - B Section

New B Section [B East] Bordered to the north by Matanzas Woods, west by Belle Terre Parkway, and south by Palm Coast Parkway. The streets to the north begin with the letters Bu or Bi. Streets to the south begin with Ba or Be.
Old B Section [B West] The area to the west of Belle Terre Parkway and bordered further on the west by Pine Lakes Parkway, while to the south runs Palm Coast Parkway. The streets here begin with Br.
The Little B Section Small in size and separated from the rest of the B section. Can be found on the north side of Palm Coast Parkway, before interstate 95. Roads in this section begin with Bo

The Woodlands

To the south of Palm Coast Parkway, east of 95, and can be entered along Old Kings or Colbert. Sometimes called the Other B Section. Roads here begin with Bl. The community is older and has underground utilities.

Palm Harbor - C Section, F Section

C Section.
An area consisting of residential roads intertwined along the salt water canals which lead to Palm Harbor. In the southern C section is the Palm Harbor Golf Club, which opened in 1973.

The F Section
Begins running south from Forest Grove Drive, and from there on bordered by Old Kings Road to the west and Palm Harbor Parkway and later Florida Park Drive to the east.

Belle Terre - P Section

P North
The north P section consists of roads extending from Parkview Drive. Here the roads begin with either "Pa" "Pe" or "Pl".

Pine Grove - P South
The central P section extends from Pritchard Drive and White View Parkway. The streets here begin with "Pr" or "Pi." The south P section extends from Ponce DeLeon and Point Pleasant Drives, and Royal Palms Parkway. Here roads begin with "Ph" or "Po".

Lehigh Woods - R Section

Bordered to the north by White View Parkway, west by Route 1, south by Royal Palms Parkway, and east by Belle Terre. The major road of the R section is Rymfire Drive.

Cypress Knoll - E Section

Home to the Grand Club Cypress Course, or Cypress Knoll Course. It opened in 2005. It is excessable to the west of Belle Terre, through Easthampton Blvd. or Eastwood Drive. It is close to the Town Center at Palm Coast.

Seminole Woods - S Section and U Section

South of Route 100 and west of Interstate 95 exit 284. The main road of the S section is Seminole Woods Boulevard.

Quail Hollow

The Z Section
South of Route 100 on the west side of Belle Terre.

The Little L Section

On the east side of Belle Terre, further south than the Z section.

The K Section
Found on both west and east sides of Belle Terre when it ends at Route 1.